Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fisherman Village@BDC, Kuching

We always pass by this restaurant/ house and see lots of customers dining there even on a week day. The restaurant is located within the housing area is behind Four Points Hotel. Finally, we tried it, and for comparatively the food is quite good.
Their speciality - the crab - which I have not seen this type of cooking style before - Stir Fried Crab with ginger and egg...fresh crabs were served and quite special! We all like it!

The Nam Yu Pork was rather good too!

I also love the sweet and sour fish fillet

Other dishes we ordered includes "4 heavenly King" Vege,butter prawns & boar meat stir fry. However, boar meat was a disappointment, and butter prawns were not of my liking, as it was sweet....

Prices are comparatively reasonable and food are quite good, at least something which is of our liking.....


wong said...

please direct your location and address

Anonymous said...

how bout the price?

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