Sunday, January 15, 2012

Richmond Place@Ellis Road, Kuching

This place is never a stranger to Kuchingite. Richmond is famous of serving reasonably price and decent western food.
Hubby was introduced this place by his ex-colleague, and he always come here for the grilled fish.
Frankly speaking, that's was the best compared to other things we ordered. The place was really crowded, and business was so good, that they opened another shop few doors next to the original shop to accomodate the crowd.
The grilled fish was rather decent.

I ordered pork chop with mushroom sauce. So so only, I don't quite like the sauce...perhaps next time I shall try black pepper sauce??!??

The hungry ghost also ordered one more portion of fish and chips, ok, not bad though.
( Sorry forgot to snap photo).

Overall, I rated the food 6/10. Just ok only, nothing much to shout about.

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