Monday, February 13, 2012

Basaga Holiday Residences@ Jalan Tabuan, Kuching

This is a lovely place which has got really cool ambiance to dine. I love the greenery here... The little gem is located at Jalan Tabuan, Off Chong Lin Park. Doesn't even have a proper board, but already attracted large crowd of visitors to the restaurant as well as the residences.

Little bird told me that that the accommodation at Basaga is simple, but decent, really value for money.

Anyway, some of the nice shots I have taken before the dinner.
The main entrance to reception and resturant

The Basaga Residences

The reception area

The dining area

This is really a paradise within the concrete forest in the heart of city centre.
The drinks we ordered

The food served here also is above average for Kuching standard, and the most important thing is the overall ambiance can add value to the dining experience. I will surely come again Basaga!!


Anonymous said...

Did u find it hard to adjust to the "Kuching standard"??

The food I sampled in Penang, Ipoh and other parts of Malaysia has put me to shame with what we have in Kuching :(

SimpleGirl said...

anonymous, food tasting is indeed very personal. I am coming from Penisula Malaysia, perhaps my tastebud will be different...

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