Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Penang Seafood Restaurant@Kuching

Hubby and his friend came to this restaurant before. He told me we can get quite decent "order dishes" food here at Penang Seafood Restaurant. It seems that the cook/owner is originated from Penang.
This time around, we ordered three dishes, and two were just good.
I really miss the Belacan Chicken, the real Penang version Belacan Chicken, so we ordered that. turned out to be rather good/similar.

The other two dishes we ordered were not the typical Penang style food, but the Soup based Chinese Spinach was of my liking.

But the bawal hitam fish we ordered was not so fresh....

Saw a few tables ordered Assam Fish, must be quite good here, should check them out next time.

We were there last weekend to check out the Char Koay Teow & laksa which only available on weekend.
Check this out, Char Koay Teow was quite good

Laksa was too sour for my me

The place: Penang Seafood Restaurant ( Below Central Inn )
Jalan Tan Sri Ong Kee Hui, right after Jalan Tabuan tracffic light, it is located at the right hand side.
P/S: Open for lunch and dinner, off on Tuesday.

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