Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sarawak Laksa@Choon Hui Cafe, Kuching

It's Sarawak Laksa again....the famous cafe located at Ban Hock Road beside Grand Continental Hotel is a famous breakfast spot for Kuchingite. This place is especially famous for the Sarawak Laksa and Popiah. Finally, I was able to sample the so called famous laksa last weekend. Perhaps it was due to too high expectation, we felt that the laksa was just mediocre, perhaps the Golden Arch one is much better !

My bowl of laksa - was rather disappointed esp I could taste the chlorine smell when biting the prawns. Not at all a good feeling!

Some people said the toast bread and coffee are good, but to me, they are just another run-of-the-mill version.

The toast bread was so dry, no good!

Sorry Choon Hui, I don't think I will be there again, perhaps the laksa was just not my cup of tea!

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