Thursday, February 23, 2012

the.Dyak@Jln Simpang Tiga, Kuching

We had a scrumptious lunch at the.Dyak and everybody enjoyed every single dishes we ordered.
According to my colleague, the food served at the.Dyak is a mixture of Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu cuisine. This was my first experience trying the authentic aborigines' food, and it really "wow" me. I love the food serves at the.Dyak.

The first dish that came - three layer pork with curry ( we ended up ordered second bowl, as it taste extremely yummy). The gravy was rich, I can taste the simply delicious blends of spices and all natural ingredients. Thumbs Up!!

I love the fact that red rice was served,instead of white rice.

The two lovely vege we ordered, was fibrous, cooking in a simple way, but taste super fresh and delicious!
The sweet potato leaves

And the gooseberry/ changkat manis

Last but not least, chicken cooked in bamboo with tapioca leaves...great taste too!!

I feel like I had just eaten a nice home-cooked food, simply yummy!
Nice ingredients used, superb cooking skill, good ambiance and service! I will be back, for sure!


Health Freak Mommy said...

The dishes look very unique! You are a real foodie having traveled to so many places just to savour the food!

Emilie said...

Yummmmm! I also just recently went to this place and loved it. Great photos, and good food choices. But, you didn't mention the dessert or the tuak wine? I thought these also made it very unique. Here is a link to another blog I found which has pictures of the desert and tuak if anyone is interested... it's not my blog, but I'll just link this post to it, so you can click my name at get there.

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