Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Role, new member in our life

It's been many months since I neglected this blog. Going through nine months pregnancy was indeed a great experience,and finally on 11th July I delivered my big baby boy by C-sec. He was 4.6kg, app 10 pounds when he was born. When the doc took him out, she said, "Underestimated, I think he is almost 5kg". fact she estimated his weight to be around 4kg. Anyhow, we thank God for this bundle of joy, he is a healthy baby. This is his 20th day in the world. For first time mommy, I had too much worries especially in the first 2 weeks. I have a lousy confinement lady, which is more interested in kitchen things than trying to understand and spend time with my baby. She doesn't show any passion to baby. First day when she came to the hospital to wait for my discharge, she simply sat there without looking at my baby. I had hard time handling her, as I don't want her to do harm on my baby, she always have her say. No matter how much pre-info I read in books about baby, every baby, after all is different, I still remember, my boy made a lot of "noise" at night, even that worries me. And the governement nurse came home and visit, told he has mild jaundice, but we brought him to see pediatrician, he told boy is good, mild jaundice is normal in the first one week. Nothing to worry. Believe it or not, I even worried when he sneeze a bit more and did not poo poo for a day. Perhapds was due to sudden hormone change as well, I was rather emotional, but thank God, I have a great husband, that is always listen to me, he is my shoulder to cry on, he goes through all my difficult moments with me. Besides that, I have sis to share her motherhood experience with me, another good friend of mine also gave me great word of encouragement and now I feel more confident to handle my baby.
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