Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jenny's Cake Shop@Jln Cantonment Penang

My friend went to Penang for a business one-day trip, haha, I took this opportunity to ask a favour from her......that is to grab me cakes from Jenny's.
I still remember when I was working in Penang, my colleague introduced Jenny's to me. I already in love with their cakes.

This humble cake shop located at Jalan Cantonment, beside Axis Plaza. A lot of people order birthday cake here, especially cheese cake(very famous). However, for lighter version, you may opt for the smaller, loaf cake, which are equally tasty.
If you love chocolate cake, I highly recommend this sweetie - Chocolate Brownie - RM13/=

Very moisture and strong chocolate - fulfilling

I love the carrot cake with raisins - RM11/=

Not too sweet- come with real carrot, not artificially flavoured, super good.

Thank you very much Ms. S!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Famous Curry Noodle @ opp MGS

If I am not mistaken this curry noodle shop is one of the oldest in town. Most Ipohite knows about it - that is Yee Fatt 怡發.

It's the second generation which is running the shop. Good thing is they still maintain the quality. Besides curry noodle, their "Egg Tea" also is famous.
The dry bee hoon curry noodle I ordered c/w chicken curry and char siew - RM4.00/=

The thick and rich curry is good, with generous amount of ingredients, satisfactory!
Self-rating: 7/10

Location: Jalan C.M Yusuff, opposite MGS, Methodist Girls' School, corner shop
Open for breakfast and lunch.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yoyo Flavour @Bercham, Ipoh

Grace and I went to Yoyo Flavour at Bercham for lunch. Yoyo Flavour is a subsidiary of Yoyo Worldwide. FYI, Yoyo Worldwide is one of the Ipoh - KLIA bus service company. Ok, back to the food at Yoyo Flavour, basically food is mediocre, only dish that I should HIGHLIGHTED is the Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken Wings

Nicely marinated, not too oily, 3pcs for RM7.00

Grace ordered Japanese Style Chicken Chop Set c/w drink, ice cream and soup - RM13.80

She said this is quite good

I ordered Taiwanese Style Pickle Ramen - RM5.50

The noodle is below average, not even 10% like Taiwanese Style haha....

We also ordered Taiwanese Pearl Drink cost RM4.20

Overall food rating: 5/10
326, Jalan Bercham,
Taman Medan Bercham,
31400, Ipoh, Perak.

Monday, February 23, 2009

MAS vs Air Asia

"Now Everyone Can Fly", the famous Air Asia tagline, makes us think that flying the low cost carrier should be cheaper than 5 star carrier, which provides full on board service. In fact, is a big NO! Only if you are lucky to get the zero fare or free seats offer, or even book long long time before your departure, it might be cheap.

My recent flight to GOLD COAST with Air Asia was a bad experience. Yes, we flown during peak time, which is Chinese New Year, but our ticket was booked in September, flying 4 months down the road, the the price is not cheap. Compare to Singapore Airlines 4 to fly promotion, price is more or less the same. We chose Air Asia because my dad didn't prefer a transit. Only Air Asia flies direct to Gold Coast. Both SIA and MAS stop at Brisbane only.

My dissatisfaction was:
1)I booked XL seats for my parents. The photo shown in their website was not as per the actual seat. There is leg rest on the photo, but in actual, NO!!!

2) As we know, everything needs to be an add on purchase for Air Asia. I add on comfort kit for my parents, since I sat in the economy or normal seat, I didn't know that they were not given the kit even though it was already paid. Later I check with my parents only I found out that. Stupid right?

3) During our returning trip, one air steward keep coming to the seats in front of us and chat. Yes, something like MSN, you can use their chat service to chat with another passenger. ( Don't worry, this is not a pay service, it's free!!!!haha ) It's really irritating!!!

4) The seat cannot be adjusted. It was not at all ergonomic for long haul flight. Imagine, sitting up straight for 8 hours?? Torturing!!! If I really pay much cheaper, I don't mind, but I am not!!!!

OK, having all these bad experience with the so called low cost carrier, before I did a purchase of ticket for my sister yesterday, I did a comparison.
SIA - flying - KL-SIN then SIN-BNE( RETURN) - the cost was AUD 1230 ( ONLINE BOOKING)
MAS - flying- KL-BNE (RETURN) - the price was AUD964 (ONLINE BOOKING)
AIR ASIA - flying - KL-OOL (RETURN) - the price was AUD984 - WITHOUT meal, as I didn't select the meal, the food sucks!

See, MAS is cheaper!!! Don't forget, flying the same 8 hours flight, Air Asia does not provide in flight entertainment, even "comfort kit" or a.k.a the blanket needs to pay, flying from LCCT, bad service of their crew ETC etc.....of course, I bought the ticket for my sis in April from MAS.
Should I change their tagline to "Not everyone can fly"....haha!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tg Tualang - Fresh Prawns

Tg. Tualang seafood, especially the fresh water prawns, a.k.a 大头虾 is not strange to Perakians. Tg Tualang is a small town near Batu Gajah, Perak. There are a few seafood restaurants in Tg Tualang. There is one which Ah Xian has visited before.

However, personally, I preferred the one next to it, which is 聯芳, the corner restaurant. 聯芳 has been visited by Hong Kong famous chef and food critic, 食神滔滔. So, it's really up to individual to choose which restaurant you prefer, after all it's really very subjective when it comes to food tasting.

The steam water prawns

Normally, eater will opt for the pan fry version of prawns, equally tasty

This restaurant also is famous of their fried rice

There was no crabs on the day we visited the place, so we opted for soft shell crab

We also ordered the Fried "Gam Foong" Fish

Must have balance meal, ya, here come the Kang Kung Belacan

The total bill came to RM186/=.
Location: Jalan Pasar, Tanjung Tualang Town.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Last Day at Gold Coast- Part 2

After the visit to Currumbin, on the way back, we dropped by at Bond University, which Miss L is currently studying there. Bond is the first and largest private uni in Australia.

Here are some snaps taken at the campus

Since the campus is only about 20 years old, the building is more modern compare to the old uni like Sydney University.

Then, we grabbed some light food at The Mezzanine, Broadbeach as we did not take our lunch

Here you go, the prawns

Sexy Salad

The pie

Nice presentation, but taste was ok only.
But highly recommended s their coffee - they used the brand called CoffeX, so good!

We then proceeded to Beachfront Market at Esplanade, sURFERS' Paradise, which opens every Wednesday & Friday from 5.30pm-9pm.
Every stall sells unique thing, mainly handicrafts...worth to pay a visit.

We saw a man making sand image at may opt to take photos with the "Sand Elephant" , of course with a price! so nice ya!

The handmade soap stall, I bought 3 for AUD5

The clocks made from real glass bottle

Miscellaneous item at Beachfront Market...

Not to forget, the Lobsters with Noodle for dinner@ Live Seafood, Broadbeach

Next day, early in the morning, around 6am we headed to Coolangatta Airport. Bye bye Gold Coast

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last Day at Gold Coast- Part 1

Time flies , here came the last day of our Gold Coast trip. We'll be flying off next day morning....
We had a great breakfast at The Coffee Club near Surfers Paradise. The Coffee Club is a franchise cafe like Coffee Bean here. It's worth a try if you visit Gold Coast.

We ordered Cafe Latte

And Chai Latte

Oh boy, both taste very good, is it because of the milk is better? May be ya?!!

And the food....
The Big Breakfast- omelet with toast

The Ham with Cheese Croissant

My self rating was 8/10. The croissant was not oily at all, fresh and match perfectly with the cheese and ham....make you feel like having more!!!

We continue some shopping after breakfast at Surfers Paradise.
Then, we headed to Wildlife Currumbin Santuary, about 15 mins drive from Broadbeach.

We stop at Currumbin Life Saving Club for a drink, check out the nice beach again

Nice to enjoy your drink / food with the beautiful beach in front of you....see how crowded is the place

Some Oz animals at Wildlife Currumbin
The relaxed kangaroos

Kangaroos hopping

The crocodiles---see how big his mouth was opened?!

The cute train we took to move around the park

The cute koalas

The peacock

Then, we just drop by the HoneyWorld opposite Currumbin....never forget to grab your bottle of honey, there's so many different choices...I especially love Eucalytus.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gold Coast Day 3 -Part 2

There are a lot of famous theme park in Gold Coast. Since the entry fee is quite pricey, we chose to go for Seaworld Cruise instead. The 2 hour cruise comes with full commentary and tea break snack. We were brought to see the dolphins, seagulls, wallabies and other natural beauties, not to forget those luxury houses along the seafront.It cost AUD59/adults.

Check out the luxury cruise

The captain seat, cool right?

Some nice scenery during the cruise

This is the most expensive resort in Gold Coast, according to the guide, it cost about USD6,000/night, attracts lots of famous Hollywood celerity like Madonna, Brat Pitt etc to put a night there.

Others nice photos I took on the cruise....

Since Thursday is shopping day here, we had a good time shopping until 9pm. Then, everyone was hungry, we headed to an Indian restaurant near our apartment for dinner. Everytime we passed by this place, the aroma of food was so tempted, we decided to give a try.

The Saffron Indian Gourmet

An extremely good ambiance dining place, food taste really good and authentic.

The first dish - Peas Pulao, AUD9.90

Fish Tikka, AUD16.50 - superb marination, taste good!

The fluffy naan -AUD5

Chicken Masala - AUD19.90 - spicy, burning but still love it!

It was a great meal. Self rating: 8/10
That's end of Day 3.....zzzzzzzzzz
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