Monday, January 16, 2012

Big Prawn Laksa@Golden Arch 金门楼 3rd Mile, Kuching

Our foodie colleague recommended Golden Arch laksa to us. He always say, this big prawn laksa is the best in Kuching.
We will go all the way in search of good food, so we started off our day earlier and with little bit of GPS assistance ( since we are not local), we managed to reach our makan destination.

There you go, the much sought-after big prawn laksa@RM8/ bowl.

The prawns are really big and fresh, and this version of Sarawak laksa is different from a few I've tried in Kuching. We like it! Not as rich as the usual one.

He even ordered a plate of "Yau Zha Kueh" to go with the laksa. Frankly speaking, I have never done this before, the combination of Yau Zha Kueh and laksa....but to my surprise, they click well!!!
Worth trying and so far, I kinda agree with him, this is the best, until I try something which is better than this.

p/s: Open for breakfast Only.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Richmond Place@Ellis Road, Kuching

This place is never a stranger to Kuchingite. Richmond is famous of serving reasonably price and decent western food.
Hubby was introduced this place by his ex-colleague, and he always come here for the grilled fish.
Frankly speaking, that's was the best compared to other things we ordered. The place was really crowded, and business was so good, that they opened another shop few doors next to the original shop to accomodate the crowd.
The grilled fish was rather decent.

I ordered pork chop with mushroom sauce. So so only, I don't quite like the sauce...perhaps next time I shall try black pepper sauce??!??

The hungry ghost also ordered one more portion of fish and chips, ok, not bad though.
( Sorry forgot to snap photo).

Overall, I rated the food 6/10. Just ok only, nothing much to shout about.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fisherman Village@BDC, Kuching

We always pass by this restaurant/ house and see lots of customers dining there even on a week day. The restaurant is located within the housing area is behind Four Points Hotel. Finally, we tried it, and for comparatively the food is quite good.
Their speciality - the crab - which I have not seen this type of cooking style before - Stir Fried Crab with ginger and egg...fresh crabs were served and quite special! We all like it!

The Nam Yu Pork was rather good too!

I also love the sweet and sour fish fillet

Other dishes we ordered includes "4 heavenly King" Vege,butter prawns & boar meat stir fry. However, boar meat was a disappointment, and butter prawns were not of my liking, as it was sweet....

Prices are comparatively reasonable and food are quite good, at least something which is of our liking.....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life Cafe@Jln Song, Kuching

I was longing for some soup, real cantonese soup, and I found something similar at Life Cafe. This is my second time trying the lotus pork ribs soup here...I quite like it!!

Hubby ordered Life Spicy noodle, also good!!!

One of the good restaurant chain available in Kuching.

We also ordered fried dumpling - yummy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mandy Organic & Natural Food@Green Heights Mall, Kuching

I love shopping at organic shop. Last Sunday, we went to Cold Storage at Green Heights Mall for some groceries shopping and I bumped into this little gem - Mandy Organic and Natural Food just right opposite Cold Storage. This shop sells organic product and the best part is there is a little corner serving some light organic/natural dishes. How can I miss the opportunity to try! ( Even though hubby is not at all a fan of organic products/stuff, he still agreed to have our lunch there)

I ordered organic tomyum beehoon, which I suppose, they use organic brown beehoon, natural tomyum paste and organic vege to cook these ingredients are all available in their shop.

I give 6/10 for this , as it was a bit oily. However, I quite like the fresh vege accompanying with their beehoon.

Hubby ordered sambal fried rice with extra egg - he rated also 6/10.

Healthy vegetarian and organic lunch we had - no guilty feeling!!!
Price are reasonable, ambiance is good!
I will be back Mandy!!!
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